Reminder: Big Blue Bus shakes up service to connect to Culver City Expo Station

As we mentioned in a post around the time of the Expo Line’s opening to La Cienega, Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus has rerouted three of its bus lines to improve service between Culver City Station and major West L.A. destinations. And last week we touched on what changes Culver City Bus lines is making to its service in this post.

In case you need a quick refresher on the Big Blue Bus service changes, here’s a quick rundown:

Big Blue Bus Line 5 — Now connecting Culver City Expo Station to downtown Santa Monica via Century City

Big Blue Bus Route 5. Click the image for a high resolution PDF of the map and timetable.

Formerly this line connected downtown Santa Monica to Rimpau Terminal in Mid City via Century City. Now? Buses on Line 5 heading towards Santa Monica will leave from Culver City Expo Station and jog up towards Century City via Robertson Boulevard.

Big Blue Bus Line 12 — Now connecting Culver City Expo Station to UCLA via Palms and Westwood

Big Blue Bus Route 12 (and Super 12 in pink). Click the image for a high resolution PDF of the map and timetable.

To connect the Expo Line to Westwood and UCLA, Big Blue Bus will change the southern terminus of its popular Route 12 to Culver City Station. Furthermore, the current “Super 12″ service — a rush-hour only service featuring a streamlined route to campus and fewer stops — will be converted to a Rapid 12. Both the “regular” 12 and the Rapid 12 lines will travel from the Culver City station, through Palms and up Westwood Boulevard to the Westwood Village and the UCLA campus.

Good to note: Riding these Big Blue Bus lines requires a separate fare — a $.35 transfer you can buy from a Metro ticket vending machines at any station — and the agency currently does not accept TAP cards. More fare info is available here.

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  1. In my seemingly never ending and always amusing task of pointing out the fare policy to LACMTA employees…


    “The simplest way to pay your fare is with cash each time you board a bus or train. You can also purchase transfers between lines operated by Metro and those operated by other carriers.”

    “Metro-to-Muni Transfer
    (Required for transfer to municipal lines [e.g. SMBBB-Erik]; Not valid on Metro Bus and Metro Rail)”

    “Regular: $0.35
    *See Reduced Fare eligibility requirements:

  2. I’ve been riding #12 for over 6 years and there are a lot of sad Palms to BH-Adjacent riders now. I’m switching to bicycle but I know a lot of my fellow riders that are elderly or otherwise not up for cycling are going to have to ride two buses now.

  3. I will miss the convenience of the 12 connecting South Robertson and Palms. It hits a nostalgic place as that is the line I grew up with while living in Beverlywood. However, the logic behind the modification is sensible enough and people do need a link to Century City as there are no other logical alternatives. Plus it’ll be nice to have a one-seat ride from Robertson to the beach.

  4. The Red Big Blue Bus Line 5 link in the article links to the old map to Pico/Rimpau. The picture links to the correct map.

    • Thanks Andop2,

      I meant to have the link go to the main page for Route 5. It’s fixed now.

      Carter Rubin
      Contributor, The Source