The art of transit

photo by Jeff Sirkin, via Facebook

Nice phone photo of Union Terminal, the rail station in Cincinnati that was built in 1933 and which now houses several museums. The Amtrak train between Washington and Chicago also stops there. The place was pretty much empty when I was growing up in Cincy and it’s nice to see it being used again — although the interstate system and air travel pretty much guarantees that the Ohio River Valley will no longer bustle with rail travel as it once did.

Here’s another cool pic:

photo: Cincinnati Museum Center

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2 replies

  1. I remember there being model railroads there in the 80’s and an IMAX theater there in the 90’s. It is an amazing and beautiful structure.

  2. The interior of this station with its soaring vaults and iridescent murals is gorgeous in person! I think this is one of the grandest public transit halls in North America. When visiting it I had almost the same reaction as seeing Grand Central Terminal’s main concourse for the first time. In a related vein, the streetcar under construction in Cincy might be an interesting story link.