Kings victory parade! Good day for transit?

Kings winger Justin Williams, at right, enjoying the victory parade on Thursday. Photo: Steve Hymon/Metro.

Everyone get to and from the parade and rally in speedy fashion?

It was definitely the most Kings jerseys I’ve ever seen in Union Station. Everything seemed to be working smoothly on the Red/Purple Line. How about the Blue Line and Expo Line for those who used them?

Comment please and feel free to tweet a photo to Metro’s Twitter account.

3 replies

  1. It was great to see the major television networks’ news programs encouraging the use of transit to the parade and Staples Center.

    Maybe it’s finally a trend. I saw those same news programs encouraging the use of transit to the grand opening at Disneyland’s California Adventure last Friday.

  2. Redline from North Hollywood and the Blue Line were smooth sailing…tons of jerseys but nothing new on the trains! It was nice to spread the word to all other transit riders who were clueless on the KINGS winning the Stanley Cup and the parade and rally. Great day for the KINGS and Los Angeles! GO KINGS GO!

  3. Kings fans have ALWAYS been good at taking transit to their games. They took to the Red Line for games when the subway was completed in 2000. Lakers fans for the most part are car addicts who rarely use transit. Dodgers fans are somewhere in between.