Missing persons found with help of Metro bus operator

Two children and a mentally disabled adult who went missing from Long Beach on Saturday night were discovered Monday morning at the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station with the help of Metro bus operator George Vazquez.

Vazquez was operating Line 230 when he noticed the trio at the Sylmar Metrolink Station terminal and felt they matched the description of the missing persons from the bulletin put out by the Long Beach Police Department. He notified Mark Solomon and Gerardo Zavaleta at Metro bus control, who in turn notified the San Fernando Police Department, LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The authorities responded to the location and verified that it was the missing woman and children, who were found none the worse for wear.

Thanks to Vazquez’s keen eye, the woman and children were safely escorted by authorities back to Long Beach.

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  1. To Anna Chen
    Mission persons……….I believe you’re trying to say “Missing persons”

  2. Hi,

    Bus operations does not automatically notify operators when an Amber Alert is issued. Mission persons flyers, radio and text alerts are distributed when requested by law enforcement.

  3. A public servant that served the public well.
    We need more people like this.

    If an Amber Alert happens in So Cal, does operations notify the operators?

  4. this isnt the first time a few years ago
    hint it was just when the 333 bus became 733
    a client didnt know the mclaughin [which
    the 333 did service -733 didnt [still doesnt] client got lost
    the administrativor of the program contacted
    metro sheriff
    they found the client on westbound 733
    lapd brought client home