Sobering and powerful rail safety PSA from New Jersey Transit


Our friends at New Jersey Transit have a safety campaign underway to address a long-standing problem in the Garden State and pretty much everywhere elsewhere in the United States — people walking on train tracks.

The two new videos — each just 30 seconds — do not mince words or images. It’s every bit as applicable to our light rail lines and commuter rail lines here in Southern California.


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  1. This is definitely a sharp warning that I feel too many people who are transit riders in LA and everywhere in the US ignore. Just the other day I saw a man try to run across the tracks just as a Metrolink was approaching the station. He could’ve been killed in a second. For the sake of life people, please wait! Yes, even at light rail crossings.

  2. If the USA was really serious about this issue, it would build fencing around all train tracks, treat trespassers the same as if they crossed a runway at a major airport, and run PSAs like these:

    That would maybe help to stop the accidental deaths.

    Of course, given the USA’s post-Reagan levels of mental illness funding, we need to accept that the train will be continued to be used by those who can find no assistance to end the pain and suffering they feel. But hey America, you got a tax-break!

  3. @Erik G. – Fencing around rail tracks does not block access to those tracks from stations and grade crossings. Also, fencing can trap a person on tracks instead of providing at least a chance for the trespasser to escape.

    If fencing were the answer, we need to fence all streets and put crossing gates at all crosswalks to reduce vehicles hitting pedestrians. There are more pedestrians killed by motor vehicles than are killed by trains on an annual basis.