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Hello Source readers,

My name is Jung Gatoona. If you’ve been following this blog since its beginnings, you’ve probably seen my name a few times as I used to write about transit for a different blog, PlusMetro, which is no longer active.

Brief introduction: I’m currently an intern at Metro for its web team and I’ve been asked to write for The Source about the cycling community that’s continually growing in number and strength here in Los Angeles.

These are quite exciting times as people ditch vehicles — even hybrids — for an even greener alternative: the bicycle. It’s amazing to witness the positive commuting behavior changes in this city, as the number of bicycle and transit usage skyrockets in this once car-dominated city.

As a car-free cyclist myself, who vows never to own or drive a motorized vehicle for the rest of his life — and possibly even in the after-life — I’ll share with you my experiences, the adventurous tales, the challenges, and various other cycling related stories that will hopefully place you in the front row seat to L.A.’s exciting world of cycling. I’ll cover life-style topics that will range from how to best deal with aggressive drivers while on the bike, to uncovering various major underground cycling events that happen nightly throughout L.A. I’ll also share with you some helpful tips I’ve picked up from other fellow cyclists over the years on proper bike maintenance and lifestyle choices — tips that will be sure to keep both you and your bike happy.

So stay tuned readers, for the stories are pedaling your way soon.

– Jung

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7 replies

  1. I’m so excited to read your stories! I’m a bit to far to bike to my train, but I’d really like to hear more in terms of how you ride safely on busy city streets, biker etiquette and bike-specific tips on getting started for the newbie. I’d also like to here about your favorite rides and spots along the way where you stop and refuel (sandwich, coffee or other). Love the M on your bike outfit – you’re like a superhero – BIKEMAN!

  2. being somewhat of a bicyclist myself it will be interesting to see cycling in los angeles from a different perspective. should be interesting to read about your experiences.

  3. I was wondering what happened to plus metro! Great to see you back in the blogging world. Can’t wait to read your posts!

  4. Wonderful news! I used to follow PlusMetro, glad to hear you’re still active 🙂

  5. Jung, Enjoyed your initial blog on The Source. Love the trains and biking. I used to commute by bike from Glendora to Monterey Park. Besides the lack of trails and repeated attacks biking in our area is challenging. All trails go North and South and most people commute East and West. Look forward to your increasing awareness, promoting trail building and giving us tips on the experience. Thanks. Gene