Metrolink service additions, schedule adjustments and new fares go into effect first week of July

A Metrolink train in San Clemente. Photo by wuji9981, via Flickr creative commons.

Here’s the news release from Metrolink, the commuter rail agency funded in part by Metro:

LOS ANGELES – On Monday July 2, Metrolink will add an additional round-trip from Riverside to Laguna Niguel and back on the Inland Empire-Orange County line. There will also be an additional train between Laguna Niguel and Fullerton on the Orange County Line. Minor schedule adjustments will be made as well.

Starting the weekend of July 7, Metrolink will add four round-trip trains on its Orange County Line between Los Angeles Union Station and Oceanside on the weekends. This allows riders from across Southern California to take advantage of the $10 Weekend Pass to visit destinations in Orange County such as Disneyland and the many beautiful beaches.

Metrolink’s wildly popular weekend seasonal beach trains will also make their debut on July 7, operating between Oceanside and San Bernardino. However, this year the service will continue indefinitely, rather than stopping service in October.

Additionally, a seven percent average system-wide fare increase will go into effect on July 1. Monthly Pass holders will begin to see the new fares when they purchase their July passes beginning on June 15. The impact to riders varies depending on where they are traveling to and from and the type of ticket. Please visit for more information.

June 28 will be the last day for riders to use a Metrolink 10-Trip Ticket. The 10-Trip ticket was available to purchase up to May 14, 2012. The 45-day validity period to use the ticket expires on June 29. The Metrolink Board voted to eliminate the 10-Trip ticket in May of 2011 due to widespread ticket evasion associated with the 10-Trip Ticket.

Starting July 1, the Amtrak 10-trip ticket will no longer be accepted on Metrolink trains as part of the Rail 2 Rail program. Metrolink and Amtrak Monthly Pass holders will be the only ticket types valid for interchangeable travel between station pairs on a pass.

For more information about Metrolink service, schedules, promotions and fares, please visit


*Additional trains are pending approval on June 22 by the Metrolink Board of Directors.




Metrolink is Southern California’s regional commuter rail service in its 19th year of operation. The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a joint powers authority made up of an 11-member board representing the transportation commissions of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, governs the service. Metrolink operates over seven routes through a six-county, 512 route-mile network. Metrolink is the third largest commuter rail agency in the United States based on directional route miles and the seventh largest based on annual ridership.

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  1. No trains back to O.C. after 6:30 p.m. ? Even if you use Rail2Rail to ride Amtrak back, there’s a gap in service between 7:30 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. Unbelievable ! When is service going to be designed for customers instead of operations ? Mr. Feton talked about squeezing more trips out of existing crews by going to straight shifts. What happened to that idea ?

  2. The new weekend schedules on the O.C. Line are an improvement, but still disappointing. There are a total of four round trips, not four additional trains. Going up to L.A. or down to O.C. for the day. Better hurry, the last train back is at 5 p.m. Really ? We can do better than this.

  3. I did not receive a response to my post on yesterday 6/6/2012 which further indicates that the posture of the “Powers to Be” just don’t care !! SHAME ON YOU : { Consider your mothers, sisters , daughters and wives being put in these uncomfortable circumstances ; ? We will be in the dark waiting and hoping we can get to work on time and the home safely in the evening. Consider this please if your trains breakdown or the buses are not on time we will be late and just how long do you perceive we will be allowed to come in “tardy” because your facility can refuses to think outside of the box(the humanity) dollars and cents over public safety. That said it’s on you, our safety, our jobs(our livelihood) and I pray that one day no one has to say I told you so. Humanity is not that hard to get, I just think you people don’t think humanity travels north and south on LaCienga in the North Inglewood, Ladera Heights, Westchester and Los Angeles area. Just picture professional people traveling to and from downtown with their; laptops, Nooks, Kindles and Ipads and having to worry if someone decides that you should be relieved of your electronics whose is going to help us? Jefferson is isolated at La Cienga hence the parking structure , you must be kidding ; /. SHAME ON YOU

    Our lives as we know them today 6/7/2012 we never be the same after your bad decision takes effect on 6/17/2012

  4. It’s good to see that, along with a fare increase there is also a service increase! Increased weekend service on the Orange County line was desperately needed… since average weekday commuters with monthly passes could also take the Amtrak trains, it’s definitely the single-trip commuters or weekend riders who faced the abysmal number of trains on that line (especially on weekends). I’ve often had to drive to OC on the weekends because the train schedule just didn’t cut it.

    I’d love to see an actual timetable with those weekend additions on it to see what times these additional trips will be.