Some info on state bills that seek to expedite litigation against transit agencies

Several readers have asked whether recent state bills could potentially expedite litigation against Metro or other transit agencies.

Here’s the good word from Assemblyman Mike Feuer’s office:

•SB 92, signed into law last year, expedited challenges under California environmental law for only the AEG stadium project.

•AB 900, also signed into law last year, was meant to extend similar acceleration of challenges under California environmental law to other types of “leadership projects,” but did not include transportation projects.

•Assemblyman Mike Feuer’s bill, AB 1444, would have expedited the litigation process under California environmental law while preserving judicial review in Superior Court by, among other things, requiring concurrent preparation of the administrative record and the record of proceedings, and his bill applies to all kinds of projects. His bill has been held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. There are similar bills by Asm. Perea and Senator Simitian that would do much the same as AB 1444. If one of the bills passes the Legislature and is signed by the Governor, it would not take effect until Jan. 1 – meaning that it does not apply to litigation filed prior to that date.

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  1. Steve, since the subway project is split into three phases, will the lawsuit still delay the groundbreaking?