Metro and litigation

Metro’s long-standing policy has been to decline comment on litigation filed against the agency. I thought that was worth repeating today.

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  1. While Metro doesn’t comment publicly, the rest of us can.

    The city and school district of Beverly Hills are only going to end up paying for their own AND Metro’s attorney’s fees for what seems to be an utterly baseless lawsuit.

    At some point the taxpayers and parents and voters of Beverly Hills are going to start saying, “Wait, even if we had preferred Metro choose another alignment for the subway, we want all that money spent going to textbooks, reducing class size and filling potholes, not for attorneys for a case we are only going to lose in the end.”

    Recall elections could even be started when Beverly Hills taxpayers have decided they’ve had enough of this nonsense.

  2. did BH file their suit today? i guess we’ll find out soon in the news and blogs.