Photo update: Expo Phase 2 construction moves forward

With Expo Phase 1 up and running to La Cienega — and soon to Culver City — you can expect The Source to turn its attention a bit more to the second phase of the Expo Line construction. Beginning in late 2015 or 2016, the 6.6-mile extension will carry riders from Culver City to a short walk from the pier and beach at 4th and Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica.

I took a photo tour of the line last year before major construction had started to document what remained of the original tracks. Until the 1950s, electric trains had run daily between the beach and downtown Los Angeles, and until the 1980s diesel freight trains made runs to lumber yards in West L.A.

So, what’s changed since we last checked in on Expo Phase 2? For starters, buildings that had operated on land leased from Metro — which has owned the right-of-way for two decades — were demolished and underground utilities have begun to be relocated. In the coming months, expect to see Expo contractor Skanska/Rados digging the foundations for the bridges that will carry trains over several streets, including Venice and Sepulveda boulevards.

In the mean-time here’s how things looked a couple of weekends ago:

The Expo right-of-way -- looking east between Military Ave. and Westwood Blvd. -- has been cleared of the old tracks and underbrush. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

A stack of old rail ties awaits its ultimate fate. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

Workers have cleared the right of way between Westwood Blvd. and Overland Ave. The mound of excavated dirt is related to the utility relocation process. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

The "Northvale trench" runs northwest along the southern edge of Cheviot Hills. The buildings in the background are along Wilshire Blvd. about two miles away. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

The original rail bridge crosses over National Blvd. next to the site of the future Palms Station. The banner just to the right touts that the Measure R project is putting L.A. County taxpayer dollars to good use. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

The Expo right-of-way parallels Exposition Boulevard heading west, with Culver City Station about a quarter-mile behind your humble photog. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.


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  1. Thanks for the fine photo coverage, Mr. Rubin.
    I’d like to see some angles on the tunnel under I-10 as it looks barely wide enough (?) for two tracks.

  2. Thank God for Skanska/Rados. These guys really know what they’re doing.