Metro bus operator killed in West Hollywood

A Metro bus operator was allegedly shot and killed by a passenger on Sunday morning shortly after leaving a bus layover for the 105 line at Santa Monica Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood. The operator, who was 51 and a five-year veteran of Metro, was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead at approximately 9:30 a.m.

His identity has not been released.

At the scene, Metro CEO Art Leahy told media that this was a highly unusual incident and that his chief concern was for the welfare of the operator’s family, as well as the Metro family of bus operators. He could not recall a fatal shooting of a bus operator at Metro or at the Southern California Rapid Transit District.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Parker said this morning that a suspect has been detained.

Here is a brief story published by the Los Angeles Times and here is a story by KABC News.


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  1. Im sorry for the familes loss and for the metro family. Sadly this is not the first time a mta driver has been murdered on the job in the 1960s a driver was killed just days before retirement.

  2. Im sorry for the familes loss and that of the metro family. Sadly this is not the first time

  3. My deepest condolences to the bus operator’s family and his fellow operators

  4. I’m very sorry of this situation, Rest in Peace Mr. Thomas.
    Also, sorry for this loss to the His family and his co-workers.

    This is also means that we have to appreciate a lot these drivers that take us where we want to go safely, I have always respected these drivers since I started taking Metro buses which was back in 2005 :(. THANK YOU AGAIN to these Drivers, you guys are angels that take care of us :(.

  5. My heart and prayers to the family of the operater. And to all operaters who service people like myself a combat veteran who rely transit to get me places safe. Thank you.

  6. Condolences to the family, friends and Metro family of the bus driver taken from us on Sunday. This death is a tragedy, and a reminder to us passengers to be appreciative of the men and women of Metro who work hard, often under stress, to get us where we’re going.

  7. condolences to the bus operator
    but what was the line 105 doing on
    Santa monica its
    route is up San Vicente to sunset to Holloway to la cigena
    now its 705 does operate via santa monica, to la cigena could got the line wrong?

  8. I ride the bus often to WEHO and other areas. I look for body language. If I see someone putting their hands in their pockets to many times it means they are nervous and it shows weakness. That is concern #1. If a person is talking to them self and look spaced out- that concern #2 and yes I will step away and call 911 and report my concern and that a cop needs to show up.

  9. My deepest condolences to the family of the fellow operator.

    I hope the company (Metro) does something to protect the Drivers. One life lost, is one life lost to many! Times change and so must the way we do things. Cut the red tape and fix this A.S.A.P.

  10. My heart goes out to the bus driver and the family. the bus driver doesn’t deserve this. Even though I don’t live in that area, i really do think that there should be more security and protection. This is why I try not to get on the bus later in the night because it is so scary and I tried to sit in front where bus driver can see me. When i sit in the back of the long bus, it is so scary with lots of mens sitting there. anyway, this is so sad news.

  11. My heart and condolences go out to the family of this operator God be with them. Operator drive your bus in heaven you can rest at the end of the line no harm will come to you up there. Just Rest!

    A veteran bus/rail operator

  12. My deepest condolences to the family of the fellow operator. I hope the company (Metro) does something to protect us from people like those. May God keep you in his Kingdom…rest in peace.

  13. I was sorrowful when I first heard yesterday about this. I’m a frequent passenger in the Southeast LA area and I know it’s not easy for the operators. I have made it a habit to thank the operator almost every time I exit a bus. I’m happy when, as I often do, I see other passengers do the same. Hey fellow bus riders, let’s all do this and maybe the bus rides will be more positive experiences. And if any of you get upset as some bus lines seem to have more problems than others, you can talk to the operator but keep it civil. Keep in mind they have a life and a family who wants them to come home safe and sound as most of you do.

  14. My most condolence to his family as a passenger of MTA I think they should have more safety on their busses @Warner not all the people gthink like that about u guys the operators I just hope they make that guy pay for wht he did I hope his family come through this hard moment…

  15. The Los Angeles Transit community has lost a valuable member. My deepest condolences to the family and to the Metro family.

  16. My condolences go out for the family members of the operator. Rest in peace operator.

  17. My heart goes out to the family of the operator. As a fellow operator my self I hope people understand the dangers of working in transit with little to no protection. Passengers have lost respect for us not because of our ways but by the political image thrown to the people by the agency itself. We are humans with familys and lives it is not easy what we do. When was the last time Metro had a campaign for its patrons to call in operators who go above and beyond instead of calling in only the unprofessional operator? I don’t understand why us operators are the most hated and disliked operators in all of Metro! Rest in peace operator….thank you for your service….