Reminder: free rides for cyclists on Metro today — it’s Bike to Work Day

As Metro noted in a recent news release:

On Bike to Work Day, Thursday, May 17, Metro will offer free rides to bicyclists on Metro buses and trains throughout Los Angeles County. Culver CityBus, DowneyLINK, Glendale Beeline, LADOT, Montebello Bus Lines, Norwalk Transit, Pasadena ARTS, Santa Clarita Transit and Torrance Transit will also offer free transit rides to bicyclists who use transit for part of their commute. Patrons just need to board with a bicycle or bicycle helmet to ride for free.

Cyclists may bring their bicycles on Metro trains. Metro has removed its peak-hour restrictions for bicycles on rail, which means cyclists may bring their bicycles onboard Metro Rail during all system hours.

On Bike to Work Day, Metro is co-sponsoring more than 80 bicycle pit stops across Los Angeles County with local organizations. Bicyclists are invited to stop by for refreshments and free giveaways at various times of the day. For locations and times, go to

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4 replies

  1. Bikes takes up too much space onboard. They need to ban them. It’s a stupid idea to waste precious space on the buses and trains for bikes. It’s full as it is already.

  2. A full bike rack on the bus is unfortunate for you, but a really good sign for LA. This is a good problem: people are riding the bus -&- biking!

  3. I’ve fared better with Foothill. The bus was packed but there was room on the front where there’s a little counter. The bus driver waved me to come on board and I folded it and put it right on top. As more people boarded, I just helped other riders place their bags over my bike.

    Metro wasn’t so friendly even though there was space. I think there needs to be a memo sent out that folded bikes can go on buses! 😀

  4. Recently, I tried to board a bus with my bicycle because the racks were full. The bus driver turned me away even though my bicycle was capable of folding. I found it unfortunate because I see other passengers board with much larger items.