Bike Week L.A. shows muscle of growing bicycling community and strong public support

Here is a video from the kick-off of Bike Week L.A. on Monday when officials and bicycling organizations delivered strong public support for an expanding infrastructure throughout Los Angeles County that promotes safety and convenience for cyclists on the road.

Bike Week L.A. events included the popular “Blessing of the Bicycles” at Good Samaritan Hospital on Tuesday, and an Expo/Mid-City Bike Ride that introduced bicycling commuters to the new six miles of parallel bike lanes along the new Expo Line between Culver City and USC on Wednesday. Unofficially, organizers estimated upwards of 4,500 bicycling commuters, cheered on by 97 pit stops throughout Los Angeles County, took to the streets today for “Bike to Work Day.”

Wrapping up Bike Week L.A. May 14-18, Safe Moves, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children on traffic safety, will hold a Bike to School Day event Friday morning at New Designs Charter School-University Park Campus in Los Angeles. The event will include a meet and greet for students arriving to school on bicycles, and a student assembly with guest speakers from Safe Moves, Metro and school officials to speak to students on traffic safety and alternative modes of transportation.

Former 2000 Olympic Team Cyclist Tony Cruz will join officials to encourage more bike riding for health and environmental benefits, as well as relieving auto congestion around school zones. The school event will be followed by six sessions of bike safety courses for students during their physical education classes.

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  1. Wonderful, I been rading my bike for weeks now, saving money in gas/milles, relax me, I sleep better, have more energy (don’t fell exausted any more), feeling younguer, gaining my high school-kitball muscles back, see and enjoy the nature, listen to the birds, say hello to the popys on the way, and much more,… I LOVE IT. GO FOR !!!!!