Why You Ride: Bicycle Edition

To celebrate Bike Week LA, we’re publishing a Why You Ride series with the winners of the 2012 Golden Pedal Awards. The Golden Pedal Awards are Metro’s annual competition for great stories about commuting via bicycle. Our first winner is Jung Lee, a Metro intern who is seriously dedicated to biking to work.

Name: Jung Lee
Torrance, CA           
End: Union Station
18 miles, one way
45 minutes

Photo courtesy of Jung Lee.

Jung commutes from Torrance to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles on his bicycle – an 18-mile ride. Clocking in at 45 minutes, his commute is as fast as it would be if he were driving during rush hour!

Jung was nominated by his colleague Joe Simpson, who writes:

“Jung is what I aspire to be someday. He arrives to work dripping wet and promptly cleans up for a very productive day. Because I’m a chicken, I ride the Santa Clarita bike paths on weekends, but Jung rides through traffic, over the hillside, on the river bikeways, and anywhere to get in to work. Sometimes he even does a workout ride before riding in. He doesn’t own a car and bikes EVERYWHERE. Very inspiring.”

We asked Jung why he rides to work, and he said:

“Los Angeles has wonderful weather conditions throughout the year. What better way to enjoy the warm sunshine days than commuting to work on a bike. As someone who works indoors for a majority of the day, cycling to work is often the only time I get to enjoy the outside weather and get my daily exercise. Plus, coming to work after an hour or more on the bike helps me to become relaxed and energized for the work day. I always come into the office with a smile on my face and with a clearer mind.  Commuting to work via bike is also enjoyable in that with each pedal stroke, I get a little bit richer from not spending money on gas and parking.”

Congratulations Jung, and thanks for being an active transportation inspiration! Look for a very large box of Clif bars coming your way soon!


6 replies

  1. My ride is from Encino to Wilshire Miracle Mile, roughly 15 miles. Some days I ride the whole 10 miles to the subway, other days (or when I’m pressed for time) I hop on the Orange Line at some point… but I won’t even attempt to cross the hill by bike; I always hop on the subway.

    Either way, props to you, man!

    • Hi there;

      Excellent question and I don’t know the answer. As far as I know, there isn’t a locker room type facility for cyclists at Union Station. Most people, for better or worse, usually clean up at their workplace.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Wow, that is insane. I’m not even sure you could get from Torrance to Union Station in 45 minutes (the 110 Fwy, if you don’t take the carpool lane, would take you at least 45 minutes in rush hour.

    Good for him!

  3. That’s awesome. My ride is 2 miles on the Ballona Creek path now — plus an Expo and Red/Purple Line train — and I feel like I arrive a bit hot and sweaty. Couldn’t imagine 18 miles each way. I’d love to see the route he prefers… as there’s so many options!