Art of transit: panorama of Expo Line Culver City Station

Panorama of the Expo Line Culver City Station with the park-and-ride in the foreground. Click for larger version. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

Here’s a panorama I snapped of Culver City Station last Friday using an iPhone app called DMD Panorama. As you can see, work is progressing nicely and the station is likely to open by summer.


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  1. A developer has already purchased this parcel with plans to turn it into a mixed-use project. The surface parking lot is temporary and will be go underground once the development takes off.

  2. This parking lot is supposed to only temporary, (as evidence by a couple of transit watchers whom have picked up on how crudely the lot was paved.) Culver City has some big plans here for residential and retail development for this spot and the surrounding area.

  3. What a beautiful parking lot! So much better than buildings full of people living, shopping, eating and drinking within walking distance of public transit…