New Go Metro app now available in iTunes store for iPhone

The Go Metro app finally landed in the iTunes store and is now available for free download for iPhones. The app is also available for iPads.

The app has also been available for Android smartphones in the Android Play store since late last month.

Here’s our post from last month explaining the many new features on Go Metro, Version 2. And here’s the news release posted on

Please download the app and let us know what you think.

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4 replies

  1. The app looks great but it’s only available on the US iTunes store! Many people like myself come from abroad; as it’s free of charge, it wouldn’t cost you anything to submit it to international iTunes stores (like the UK!) so we all could all download it to our iPhones when we visit this great city.

  2. The new Metro app is really good! I noticed one thing though, the Purple Line map was actually a Gold line map in the downloads. Otherwise, this is going to come in very very handy.

  3. it’s a great app easy to use,convenient and very accurate for how long i wait for the bus and can you add a search bar for finding addresses/places that would be great

  4. So far so good. It’s much(!) faster than the NextBus app at finding your location and nearby stops. Can’t wait for rail to be included too.

    There needs to be a faster way to filter by line instead of showing every stop nearby — for example, I’m near lines 33 733 and a whole bunch of others, it’d be great to not have to see all those other lines and stops on the map and instead just show the specific one I’m looking for (in this case, 733).

    Also, a map view of the trip planner would be great, similar to Google Maps transit directions.