Go Metro Android update with Expo Line added, and iPhone app update

Go Metro app in Google Play

Go Metro app in Google Play

[UPDATE] The Android app update is available for download NOW (!) from Google Play.

As many of you know, the new Go Metro smartphone app recently debuted in the Android store — here’s a Source post about the app’s many fine features. Since then, we’ve received some great feedback and have already submitted an update for the Android app. The update will include:

  • Adding the new Expo Rail Line to the transit data
  • Allowing the app to install on the SD Card, rather than the mobile device (just the app, not the database. We’ll work on allowing the database on SD card for June — in time for the Orange Line opening).
  • Performing an internal storage check before installing the app and database (this will save you a crash when you try to launch the app but there isn’t enough space on your device).

iPhone / iPad

As for iOS, we’re working to get the iPhone version of the app to the public as soon as possible. As of today, we’re still working on final technical revisions with the Apple Store’s technical staff. It’s a day-to-day process, but we hope to have this resolved soon.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm and we can’t wait to get you the app!

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  1. I gotta agree with expo lover. BART in the San Francisco Bay Area has train arrival times posted on their electronic signs. I have seen the signs flashing “Fremont Train Arrival two minutes.” If the trains have GPS devices, it shouldn’t be that difficult to incorporate a GPS receiver into the signs electronics.

  2. Whomever reads these posts, may I please make a suggestion? At the Expo Line stops, can you please add an arrival notice on the display screen? That would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! The screen currently tells us in large text the DAY and underneath, the date and time. However, I do believe having the next train arrival time would be more efficient. We all know what day it is already. That way everyone waiting will stop getting a crook in their necks looking down the street waiting for the train. Further, people will have no need to keep asking each other when will the next train arrive? If the USA can put a man on the moon and the MTA can tunnel underground to make a subway, you can add train arrival and departure times. I strongly recommend, investing in a display screen like at LAX telling you the arrivals and departures of airplanes? Why not have that for the trains? Buses? ADVANCEMENT!!!

  3. I agree with you, expo lover. It is the short sightedness of our citizens that impedes the progress of metro. We have only ourselves to blame for traffic problems. I love the progress of metro. Perhaps faster progress, please.

    Go Metro.

  4. Greatly looking forward to the iPhone app. Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. MAY I PLEASE HAVE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WINE SUSAN? I live across the street from the expo line and LOVE it!!! yes, you can hear the bells every now and then but i’m BUSY with the day to day things in my life and don’t have time to CONTROL everything around me. i can hear cars honking their horns, should they STOP driving on the roads? birds chirping, should they kill the birds? what about mans best friend, the dogs barking? should you get rid of them too? in life, there will ups, downs, loud noise, and no noise. AND YES, YOU WILL GET USE TO IT!! if you don’t like it, then my friends, MOVE! you can’t live in a bubble. it’s call advancement. this city needed a train like 30 years ago! you have to keep up with transportation advancements like new york and other metro cities in the usa. it’s actually ridiculous to hear the complaints but i bet you when your car breaks down you will hop right on it. grow up already! it’s a train, it’s suppose to make noise!!! i say, keep building that train to the sea and you will have people on it, especially me!!! I LOVE THE EXPO LINE!!!! YEA!!!!

  6. Neighbors are upset over the noise from the trains on the new Expo train line. I heard a radio interview where a resident complained. Then a MTA representative was asked about the neighbor’s noise complaint and said, “they will get used to it” and ” nothing can be done about it.

    What a disrespectful, mean, non-caring animal. I would not even call that someone a person. How low can the MTA go when they do not care about the neighbors.

    I wish I know who that MTA person was so I could call and give them a peace of my mind. And, yes, something can be done about it. When the Gold Line opened, there was the same train noise problem with the loud bells and whistles and train noise. After neighbors complained and complained, finally the noise from the bells were lowered.

    That man from the MTA should be fired. Neighbor’s have the right to peace and quiet in their homes.

    • Hi Susan;

      I’m unaware of the interview. That said, I don’t believe the Metro spokesperson you quote intended to say or meant that the agency doesn’t care about the concerns of residents. The agency has and will continue to work with the community to ensure that the Expo Line is both safe and a good neighbor.

      I also want to add some perspective as someone who has spent a lot of time around the Expo Line in the past few months: the train and the crossing signals are pretty quiet — certainly no louder than some of the vehicle traffic that uses the streets paralleling the line.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  7. Hello,

    The app is missing a refresh button when you are looking at arrival times. This would help a lot!


  8. I must say, it has been very accurate in terms of arrivals and departures for bus and rail. Great app