Metro Board of Directors meets Thursday

The monthly meeting of the full Metro Board of Directors is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Metro headquarters adjacent to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. The meeting, as usual, is open to the public. Please note the time change — meetings usually begin at 9 a.m.

The two big items on tomorrow’s agenda [web version or pdf download], posted below, are consideration of the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Reports for two big Measure R projects: the Regional Connector and the Westside Subway Extension.

There should be a big crowd because of the many members of the public expected to testify on both items. You can also listen to the meeting over the phone by calling 213-922-6045.

Metro Board Agenda April 28

4 replies

  1. I think more people would go to these type of meetings and tell what they want from Metro if they adjust meeting times with consideration to how most people work and go to school.

    How else is Metro going to really know how Angelinos get around town or what they really want when they have meetings when most people are commuting or at work? Not everyone can get out of their weekday commitments with very little notice. What do they want me to do, skip out on my exams to go to a meeting?

    The next time an important meeting like this is to be held, they need to be held in a large place on a weekend, not on a weekday during normal hours.

  2. @Y Fukuzawa

    I completely agree with you. I am also like “most people.” I’m willing, however, to shift my schedule this week so that I can show my support for a project crucial to the future of Los Angeles.

  3. @Joaquin

    Most people have jobs from 8AM-5PM. Why do these meetings have to be held when majority of Angelinos are at work?

  4. Everyone come out to this meeting to show your support for the subway extension! Also, Metro is really keeping the station location unchanged for the VA stop?