Expo Line timetable is here!

The timetable for the Expo Line that goes into effect with revenue service beginning next Monday is below. It can be downloaded from the Metro website here [pdf].

With the Farmdale station not yet complete, the Expo Line has a run time of 26 minutes between 7th/Metro Center in downtown Los Angeles and the La Cienega/Jefferson station. The Farmdale and Culver City stations are expected to open this summer.

The Expo Line is offering free rides to the public from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday; details here with info on opening weekend events from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at some stations. The regular schedule begins Monday. Also, here’s a photo history of the Expo Line we posted earlier today.

Expo Line Timetable

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  1. Now that the Expo Line is open, will there be a Metro 710 stop added either at Crenshaw/Exposititon or Crenshaw/Rodeo? There is no stop between Crenshaw/King and Crenshaw/Jefferson. For commuters to catch the expo from the Metro 710 the walk back to the Expo Line is about 3 1/2 blocks south.

  2. @Mark

    CC#4 runs once per hour during rush hour… hardly adequate for connecting to Culver City. What we really need is for CC#1 to be rerouted to La Cienega station during the temporary period while Expo line terminates at La Cienega station.

    All the existing Metro buses serving La Cienega station (38, 105, 705) also go the “wrong” way to Fairfax/Washington instead of directly west towards the final destinations of likely Expo line riders.

    439/217 will be modified but not until the next bus schedule in June… not soon enough. Also doesn’t address connection to UCLA and Century City.

  3. culver city line 4 will operate weekday service serving
    La Cienega station
    line 4 goes to westfield culver city
    (aka Fox hills mall WLA college
    line 4 also becomes Culver city line 2
    to Venice high school
    metro service will be the jefferson bus line 38
    and La Cienega line 105 and 705 and 439
    [for now] eventally line 217will opertare from
    hollywood to fox hills

  4. Will Metro run bus bridge from La Cienega station to Culver City station until the line actually runs to Culver City? I see a disaster looming with Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus both refusing to run temporary service to La Cienega station. There will be no frequent bus connection to points west of La Cienega station (Helms District, Culver City Downtown, Century City, Westwood/UCLA, West LA etc).

  5. What some people want to know is on the 28th what will be the schedule of the first trips. There are actually folks eager to ride the first train in those wee hours.

  6. Victor C: The Silver Line route is there; you just need a magnifier to see it. What nobody has discussed is how easy it will be to transfer from the Silver Line to the Expo Line (looks like the Jefferson exits are somewhat close). How far a walk is it? Is the pedestrian route easy to navigate (and safe)? Guess we’ll have to wait until opening day to find out.

  7. Victor, the Silver line is on the map. It is a grey line and marked with the line name, just like the Blue line.

  8. @victor: the silver line is on there. it just does not show the connection at 23rd St. or Pico, which might be helpful in future revisions of the timetable.

    • The train is only running from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday. Expo will run the schedule on this timetable beginning next Monday, April 30.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  9. I would love to be there for the initial run of the 806, but alas, I can’t. Maybe for the initial 901 service to Chatsworth “this summer” (c’mon, let’s get that date out there).

    I was there in 1990 on Blue Line opening day, the return of rail transit to Los Angeles County.