Report on Blue Line delays and maintenance issues

As many readers already know, this has been a challenging few months for the Blue Line, which has seen some major delays due to problems with the overhead wires that power the trains, rail car breakdowns, Expo Line construction, police activity and a few accidents.

The following report [pdf here] was prepared by Metro staff for the agency’s Board of Directors, whose Executive Management Committee will review it as part of a receive-and-file action this morning.

I encourage commuters along the Blue Line corridor to give it a read as it explains some of the multi-million dollar efforts that have been underway to address maintenance issues along the corridor — specifically upgrades to insulators on the overhead wires and an overhaul of substations that deliver power to the trains.

In addition, here’s a recent Source post on the work being done to maintain rail vehicles used on the Blue Line.

Blue Line report

2 replies

  1. They should do funding on new projects not the Blue Line because if they start doing maintenance on that line, it will cause more delays on the Blue Line during/non rush-hour. It doesn’t make any difference of doing maintenance work on track. It will cause more delays on the Blue Line in the future.

  2. Drive the funding away to focus on newer projects rather than maintaining existing infrastructure from a taxpayer dependent agency that makes no profit, it’s plain obvious that the problems will get worse in the longer term.

    Of course, we can always raise flat rate fares to $5.00, raise sales tax to 20%, and make massive service cuts.