Photos from the Saddle: CicLAvia delivers again

Freedom from the Car at Last: Cyclists ride CicLAvia

No matter how many times you ride CicLAvia through Downtown L.A. streets, the sense of amazement and revelry is as powerful as the very first time.  Nothing beats the exhilaration of riding L.A. streets with tens of thousands other Angelinos enjoying a picture-perfect day, cool temperatures and the simple pleasure of rotating wheels under the shade of L.A. skyscrapers. What a day to ride a bike in L.A.!

Here’s some photos taken from the day-long event along 10 miles of downtown area streets.

Cyclists speed through closed intersections in Downtown L.A.

Cyclists ride on newly painted bike lane

Cyclists ride along MacArthur Park

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  1. Do you have any other pictures? There were thousands of cyclists out there (as you say in the article)! The deceiving photos make it look pitiful… especially when there’s just 3 photos and one of them is of 2 people only! LOL c’mon! But otherwise, thanks for reporting on it!