Reminder: Expo Line Farmdale station won’t be opening April 28

While the Expo Line is opening on April 28 between 7th/Metro Center in downtown Los Angeles and the La Cienega/Jefferson station, one station in between won’t be making its debut quite yet: the Farmdale station adjacent to Dorsey High School.

Trains will pause at the station but passengers will not able to board or depart trains. Work is still being done on communications systems at the station, among other things. The Farmdale station may not open until the Culver City station opens, which is likely to happen this summer.

Why the delays? The big reason is that the Farmdale station was added to the project after construction had begun as a result of an agreement between the state, the Expo Line Construction Authority and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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  1. I was excited about the opening of the metro, but kind of sad that Farmdale isn’t opening at the same time.
    I work a block away from it and its a huge benefit for many of us that work around here, specially when all the Dorsey students fill the 38 bus in the morning and the drivers don’t stop for more passengers.

    Its awesome that its finally done!

  2. At a time when discord seems to have the upper hand, people should be grateful for the qualities of foresight and consideration… Regardless of whether the Farmdale Station can justify its construction right from the get-go, there are numerous examples of facilities and infrastructure that have been a godsend in the near-term future.

    One never knows for certain where the next need will arise. A little patience and and some can-do thinking count for more than grumpy grandstanding…

  3. Shame that they can’t bypass the station altogether, forever. Such a pointless waste of public money.

    • Hi Gary;

      I think that it’s worth noting that the station is adjacent to a major high school and park and is also nearby many homes and apartments. While the Farmdale station is very close to the La Brea elevated station, I do think that Farmdale will see some use.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source