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  1. The contract with ACS (who maintains the TAP computer system and customer service under contract to Metro) really needs to be overhauled substantially. The agents are rude, the office hours are very restricted (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. doesn’t work for people with day jobs, and of course you wait 20-30 minutes on hold when you call during lunch), and the web site is very user unfriendly, although with significant detailed information. This expiration date thing is silly and needs to go as well. Because of the haphazard way the day passes are loaded onto cards by bus drivers I carry a TAP card specifically for day pass loads and a TAP card specifically for stored value use, because I’ve found that if you do it in the wrong sequence it may deduct a fare unintentionally before loading a day pass or not load a day pass on it at all. The TAP card may work for the pass holder (if they remember not to get a monthly pass with an end date after the expiration date of the card) but the stored value and day pass loading is not any better than the old cash and token system.

  2. @Snack Time

    I hear you. A lot of this info are not readily available online, least of which should obviously be on taptogo.net. Metro, can you tell us who and which department is responsible for the upkeep of taptogo.net website? If people are not doing their job in that section and if my taxes are paying for their slackness, I expect answers and resolution.

    Please realize how important maintaining and updating the taptogo.net webpage. It is the primary page for TAP so all news and updates regarding TAP has to be placed there. This includes information such as being able to buy TAP cards at train ticket vending machines and updates to the FAQ section on what to do when your TAP cards expire. And really, does it take that much to update a webpage?

    Expecting people to know that TAP can now be bought at the ticketing stations when it’s not even on the main taptogo.net website is like expecting people to know how to get the latest iPad when it’s not even advertised on apple.com!

  3. @ Steve H,

    Thanks for the correction! I suppose I haven’t noticed the change in the machines, but sure enough, every machine I checked on the way home offers buying TAP cards. However, the rest of TAP and metro’s websites should also advertise this fact. If you google search for “How to obtain a TAP card”, there is no website which says that TAP cards can be purchased from any rail station.

    From taptogo.net FAQ section:
    Where can I get a TAP card?

    “You can purchase your TAP card online or at a TAP Sales Location. Remember to load a pass or establish a positive cash account balance on your TAP card in order for it to be valid for travel.”

    Rail station locations are not listed as TAP Sales Locations.

    From Metro.net “Where to get TAP” http://www.metro.net/around/fares/get-tap-card/
    it states that TAP can be purchased at “select metro rail stations”. This apparently is outdated.

    And I can’t seem to find any follow-up to the following The Source advertisement about the initial installment of said TAP-dispensing machines at “select metro rail stations”: http://thesource.metro.net/2011/01/19/ticket-machines-that-dispense-tap-cards-and-allow-stored-value-are-being-tested/

    If there is going to be an all-TAP switch in the near future, this fact needs to be better advertised. It would make it super easy and intuitive where to buy a TAP card. For the last 8 months, I was under the impression you could only get one from Union Station or by online purchase!

  4. I have no problem with the video sign going in to the Red Line… standard practice in many places with security cameras. It’s just the “We Are Watching” text that makes it seem strange. Take that away and it’s completely normal.

  5. “First, one of the bloggers incorrectly said TAP cards cannot be purchased at rail stations. Not true. TAP cards can be bought at ticket machines at all Metro Rail stations. ”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe TAP-dispensing vending machines are only available at select rail stations (for example, you can’t buy TAP cards from vending machines at the Gold Line/Memorial Park station). These TAP-dispensing machines are present at all Red Line stations, however.

    • Hi Snack Time;

      OK, I will correct you: ticket machines at all Metro rail stations sell TAP cards.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  6. The “We are watching!” sign is way too much. There is already a visible enough presence of Sheriffs at the station. In the past months there has been a huge increase in law enforcement personal at Union Station. I actually feel uneasy with that sign, it creeps people out. Besides, there are already cameras in Union Station, why rub it in peoples face when they are simply looking up to see the train departure times.

  7. “And it’s a good reason to continue to build housing near fast, frequent transit lines. There is a demand, I think!” Pasadena’s master plan is to have high density housing along the transit core and lower density away from it. Gold Line stops, Colorado, and Fair Oaks are set for higher density long term. But the bungalows will still exist along the tree lined streets.
    South Pasadena is also set for some more higher density housing (and mixed use) near its Gold Line stop.