ExpressLanes signs keep going up

Motorists and bus riders on the 110 freeway will continue to see signs (literally) of progress on the ExpressLanes project, which opens this fall.

The project is converting the carpool lanes between Adams Boulevard in downtown L.A. and the Artesia Transit Center into HOT lanes. Carpoolers will still travel in the lanes for free and single motorists will be able to use them (space permitting) in exchange for a toll.

To learn more, visit the project’s home page. We also posted a series of five videos earlier this year that helps explain HOT lanes and the idea behind congestion pricing tolls.

Here are the links to the videos:

ExpressLanes: It’s about time

ExpressLanes: how it works

ExpressLanes: explaining congestion pricing

ExpressLanes: rules of the road and enforcement

ExpressLanes: carpool loyalty program