Expo Line countdown widgets now available

The Expo Line home page on metro.net has received a makeover and now includes these nifty widgets below. Go to the web tools part of the page to get the code for a variety of different widgets for your own website.

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  1. If Metro programmers have the time to make a widget, why not update the taptogo.net webpage to add “what to do when your TAP card expires” to the FAQ page? Or does typing up a what to do list in HTML form cost $100,000 extra from taxpayers?

    Here’s a sample list that Metro can now just copy-and-paste to the FAQ section:

    What do I do when my TAP card expires and it has remaining funds on them?

    1. You need to buy a new card when your TAP card expires. You cannot return your old card in exchange for a new card. A new card will cost another $2. The $2 is non-refundable fee which you must pay every time your TAP card expires. We do not have a old TAP card recycling program nor will we give back the $2 since it’s not a deposit.

    2. Passes by themselves cannot be bought online on taptogo.net as we do not have the ability to sell them without passes. Some stores will not sell you a TAP card by itself, so it’ll take some searching around to find a store that will let you buy a TAP card.

    3. Once you finally get a new TAP, please call us at 1-866-TAPTOGO. A customer service representative will gladly assist you to transfer the funds to the new card after we keep you on hold for 30 minutes listening to bad elevator music. Sorry, we do not have the programming ability to do funds transfers online.