Update on Blue Line delays today

Blue Line:  Monday, March 26, 2012:  due to several equipment issues throughout entire line, please anticipate significant delays today when traveling on the Blue Line.

As of 11:45am, trains are serving ALL stations. Additionally, trains both ways are sharing the northbound track at the following stations: Florence, Slauson, Vernon, San Pedro, Grand, Pico.  This is creating a significant delay due to train congestion and rush hour crowds. Here is the current service plan in place for affected customers:

  • Blue Line is running approximately every 20 minutes w/ intermittent holding delays due to train congestion.
  • Power has been restored and trains are sharing 1 track between Grand & 7th/Metro.
  • Bus shuttles (22 have been requested) are in place between 7th/Metro & Florence stations to supplement limited train capacity.  Follow train & station announcements for these bus shuttles.
  • All Blue Line passengers btwn Long Beach & Imperial/Wilmington should consider using the Silver Line as an alternate.
    • Silver Line upcharge will be WAIVED for affected Blue Line passengers.
    • To use the Silver Line, board the Green Line towards Redondo Beach, exit at Harbor Fwy, and proceed downstairs to the bus stop.
  • Green Line passengers who normally use the Blue Line to travel Downtown may also consider the following alternates:
    • Norwalk – Use Line 460
    • Long Beach Bl – Use Line 760
    • Harbor Fwy – Use Silver Line or 450. Express upcharges WAIVED today.
    • Crenshaw – Use Line 710 or 757 to Purple Line
    • Hawthorne – Use Line 740
    • Aviation/LAX – Use LADOT Commuter Express 438 (Rush Only)
  • Please allow extra travel time, especially when connecting to Metrolink trains or other lines.
  • If a delay verification is needed for your employer or school, please contact Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 or Fax 213.922.6988.

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5 replies

  1. Think it’s bad now? Just wait until the Expo, Long Beach, Pasadena and East LA branches are all sharing the same track downtown.

  2. The communication between Blue Line management, train conductors and customers is very poor and ineffectual. Please be more considerate to your customers and use the intercom system to immediately inform us of any delays or train failures so we can use alternate routes to get to where we’re going on time. This morning I boarded the southbound Blue Line at 7th & Figueroa at 7am; since the train arrived 5 minutes late, we asked if there was a problem, the conductor said no problem, trains were running on time. Ten minutes later when we were far away from all the Downtown connections, we were told there were “major” delays and I got to work one hour late. The events of today clearly show that you have a “major” problem with your management team. Please listen to us and fix it. Thank you.

  3. Metro should consider lowering the base fare of the Metro Silver Line to offer an alternative to the Metro Blue Line.

  4. blue line service is horrible…totally unreliable as of late! true, it is a money saver by taking the metro, but the fact that we have to rely on their sporadic schedule creates problems for those of us who need to get to work on time…with gas prices going up, it’s a no-win situation!

  5. since the addition of the inoperative expo line, the blue line schedule is totally sporadic. Bus shuttles create as much confusion as they try to alleviate. even when there are no “equipment problems” (which nobody believes anymore), the drivers do not start on time, which means they get to the final destination more than 5 minutes later than the schedule, which means people missing other links. this is a management issue and the lack of it is obvious.