Video: the Mayor announces Expo Line opening

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Here’s 11 minutes of footage from the announcement this morning that the Expo Line is opening April 28.

Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa is joined by County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky (also the Board Chair of the Expo Line Construction Authority) and Metro Board Member Richard Katz.

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  1. Somehow, it figures that the Expo line would open AFTER the LA Times Book Festival at USC-it would just make too much sense to open it so people who use Metro could have an easier way of getting to the festival rather than having to get off the Blue line at Grand, walk over to Figueroa/Washington and either take the 81 or one of the DASH buses or take the shuttle from Union Station. Yeah-way too much sense, if you ask me…but then, if they would have asked me, the damn thing would have been finished on time…

  2. John Smart – an apology for something makes sense when it’s your fault. But if you complete something late because your boss tells you halfway through that you need to add a few more pieces and change some others, then an apology seems less necessary. (Of course, not all the delays and cost overruns were due to the lawsuits and changes – the last couple months of delay seem like they should probably have been apologized for.)

  3. Not once in the you tube clip did anyone apologize to the people on LA county for the 2 year delay. Total arrogance. Imagine being years late on a project, millions over budget and not bothering to apologize to the funders of the project.

  4. Zev told me he is no longer Chairman of the Metro board, However he is Chair of The Board of Supervisors and the Expo authority. Wonk comment I suppose.