Regional Connector final environmental study scheduled to be considered by Metro Board on Thursday

Metro’s Regional Connector planning staff just sent this email to interested parties:

Regional Connector on Metro Board of Director’s Agenda

The Regional Connector Transit Corridor Study Final EIS/EIR is included as Item #56 on the Metro Board of Director’s March 22, 2012 agenda.  This meeting is scheduled to begin Thursday morning at 9 a.m. at Metro Headquarters. Please follow the link to view the meeting agenda.

Recently, Metro has been invited to meet with representatives from the Financial District and Japanese Village Plaza to evaluate construction methodologies that address stakeholder concerns. This is an important step by the project team to evaluate optimum methods to mitigate impacts specified in the environmental document.

We will advise you if we are notified of any changes to the agenda.

Thank you for your continued interest in Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project.

The Regional Connector Team

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  1. I really do hope that the Board will approve the Regional Connector this time and not just punt again.

    I don’t see how anybody could still have anything to complain about at this time. The long, repetitive EIR does say that Little Tokyo will be getting plenty of mitigation. I think they deserve it considering the amount of construction that will be centered there.

    The EIR mentions satellite parking and the possibility of a shuttle bus; I’ll be curious to see what else Metro can do — advertising businesses? Construction crews eating sushi? Dancing at Obon? What?