Metro ridership sees gains in January and February

Here’s the news release:

Ridership 2012

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  1. You can track all of the Metro line ridership on the link to the right at

    To be fair, the Silver Line had the midday service on the Harbor Transitway doubled, and some of the bus lines on the Silver Line were cut to fund the added service. So this isn’t all new riders.

  2. Steve,
    It’s great to see the Silver Line doing well. Do you have any idea why Metro isn’t posting the numbers for the Silver Line on the normal ridership page? It would be nice to follow this over time, especially when the Express Lane project goes into full swing.


    • Hi Robert;

      Last time I checked the normal ridership page was getting an upgrade. I also think over time the agency has made more of a concerted effort to brand and identify the Silver Line as its own entity, similar to the Orange Line or one of the rail lines. I was also pleased to see the ridership numbers posted on the news release because I totally agree with you that we want to track Silver Line ridership with ExpressLanes coming soon.


      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source