Art for the Expo Line: LA Metro Lotería by Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano standing in front of an art panel before it’s installed

Jose Lozano presents a series of Lotería cards, based on a Mexican game of chance, in his artwork for Expo/La Brea Station.

Similar to Bingo, Lotería uses images on a deck of cards instead of numbers. In text at the bottom of the cards, Lozano plays with the station name “La Brea,” keeping the Spanish language prefixes “La,” “El,” or “Los,” and substituting “Brea” with passenger interactions commonly encountered while riding Metro.

Each of the eight art panels portrays a different scene: “El Luggage” shows a smiling man surrounded by overstuffed luggage, “La Prisa” (the hurry) shows a mother and child walking quickly across a platform. (Here’s a link to more information about Lozano’s work for Expo/La Brea Station.)

Original design for one of the 8 art panels (seen above with the artist) comprising LA Metro Lotería at Expo/La Brea Station

Detail of LA Metro Lotería, displaying “Los Stairs” and “La Nurse,” at the artwork fabricator, Winsor Fireform.

Detail of LA Metro Lotería, displaying “Los Romantics” and “Los Metro Guys,” at the artwork fabricator, Winsor Fireform.

More photos of the artwork being installed at the station are after the jump.

Art panel on its way to the station platform. Note the steel bar above the art panel that provides stability as the 21 foot-long panel is moved into place.


Gateway arch art panel being installed


Gateway arch art panel being installed

Art panel installed and ready to be enjoyed by transit users. Curious readers may glimpse the (uncovered) artwork on the aerial station platform if they look up from the street level.

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3 replies

  1. I love the Expo Line Art and I will enjoy Mr. Lozano’s art every day when I take the Expo Line at LaBrea. It speaks of community.

  2. Jose Lozano, great choice Metro, one of the best contemporary chicano artists