Overnight 405 freeway closures over Sepulveda Pass scheduled to begin Friday night

Here’s the construction notice from the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project team:

405 Construction Notice

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  1. Just another example where all of the traffic is going to be routed on Sepulveda without any regard to the neighborhood or the residents. No traffic or mitigation measures were sought or provided for this area of Sherman Oaks by anyone involved with the City or the project. No noise reduction, no traffic control. Its just another 6 nights where heavy trucks and traffic is allowed to run through a residential area keeping the residents awake all night.

  2. since 761 doesn’t go on the freeways, it shouldn’t cause any problems starting friday night? I used 761 bus a lot so i know where it goes. just want to make sure that if there’s going to be a detour, can you please post it on the metro website? thank you