Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Feb. 29

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

Which city’s heavy rail system has the best Walk Score? Los Angeles! (Greater Greater Washington)

The blog compared the subway in L.A. to other heavy rail systems (light rail doesn’t count) and L.A. edged New York City for the best Walk Score. For those unfamiliar, Walk Score is a computation — sometimes accurate, sometimes not — of a location’s proximity to amenities such as stores, schools and other amenities. I’m guessing the L.A. subway did well because it serves downtown and other dense neighborhoods such as Westlake and Hollywood.


L.A. County approves new bike plan (Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s website)

It’s the first update to the plan in 37 years and would add 832 miles of bikeways in unincorporated parts of the county at an estimated cost of about $331 million. The plan would create about 23 miles of new bike boulevards as well as 274 miles of bike lanes and nearly 72 miles of dedicated bike paths. Funding still needs to be secured, but at least the county now has a blueprint at the same time many of the cities in L.A. County have also been updating their bike plans. Here’s the county’s bike plan website.

Making a more bikeable UCLA (UCLA Today)

A noon event on campus today will discuss ways to improve cycling around the Westwood campus. There are already 1,750 UCLA employees who bike to work, not to mention many students who use bikes to get around the sprawling campus and Westwood area. Some improvements include more bike racks and bike channels in stairways to help students get up and down UCLA’s hills. For more info on today’s event, click here.

Need a guiding light? (FastCodeDesign)

Need help finding your way indoors? Check out the video above. How necessary is it? You be the judge.


3 replies

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call UCLA’s campus “sprawling.” It has the least area of any UC campus.

  2. Can you start installing “NO MOTORCYCLES” signs in bike lanes? There needs to be better public awareness regarding this. With higher gas prices, I see more people switching to them. Motorcyclists assume that it’s okay for them to use the bicycle lanes because the bicycle sign looks ambiguously like a motorcycle. Even smaller mopeds are dangerous in bicycle lanes as they go faster than any bicyclist can pedal and spray toxic fumes to the bicyclist as they whiz by.

  3. 92! North Hollywood stepping up to the plate. That current score doesn’t even take into account the new Laemmle and other places soon to open. Awesome.