ExpressLanes video: how it works

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Metro’s ExpressLanes is gearing up for the fall debut of the HOT lanes on the 110 freeway between Adams Boulevard and the Artesia Transit Center. That will be followed next year by the arrival of HOT lanes on the 10 freeway between Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles and the 605 freeway.

The project has made a series of videos explaining how the ExpressLanes will work. The second video is above; here’s the link to the first video.

The project will allow single motorists to use the carpool lanes on the 110 and 10 in exchange for a toll that will rise and fall depending on how much room there is to sell in the lanes. There’s a ton of useful information on the project web page, including this FAQ, and the videos also do a good job explaining how the project will work.

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  1. Will Metro Fast Track Transponders work on other toll roads that use Fast Track, such as roads in Orange County or San Francisco?

    • Hi Phil;

      Yes, the transponders will work on other toll roads. If you get one for ExpressLanes, you could (for example) also use it to pay bridge tolls in the Bay Area. I think that’s an added convenience.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source