110 freeway gets its first ExpressLanes sign

The first ExpressLanes sign was installed on the northbound 110 on Wednesday at the Artesia Transit Center on Wednesday night.

Some of the info on the signs is blocked to prevent driver confusion until the ExpressLanes on the 110 opens this fall.

The ExpressLanes project will allow single motorists to pay a toll to use the carpool lanes on the 110 freeway when there’s extra capacity. The toll will vary by time of day and level of traffic — the idea being to help spread traffic across all the freeway’s lanes and to raise money to help fund transit improvements.

Look for more ExpressLanes infrastructure to be showing up along the 110 as the year progresses. Work is also continuing on the ExpressLanes on the 10 freeway between downtown L.A. and the 605 freeway — that segment is scheduled to open in early 2013.

5 replies

  1. For the occasional user (less than once a month) of the carpool lane (like me in my domestic life), this sencario will now make it off limits. Getting a transponder for a rare usage is stupid. For government workers, the carpool lane will also be off-limits now. There is no way that the City of LA is going to get and hand out the transponders to employees that frequently use the carpool lane (except vanpools). Governments get so worried about possible abuse by employees (like using it to allow solo access), that they won’t get them for employees that could benefit by them. Those that are driving in carpool lanes as carpools should not be required to have the transponders. There are camera systems that could ‘count heads’ inside of most vehicles. Infrared would work and not be an invasion of privacy.

  2. Yay, now we can pay money to use the carpool lanes on the roads we already pay a huge tax for on our gas purchases.