Recap of other Metro Board actions taken today

Here are some other actions taken by the Metro Board of Directors at this morning’s meeting:

•(Item 31) The Board approved a motion by Metro Board Chair and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to study and recommend a variety of improvements to Metro Rail and busway stations, including:

1. Find ways to upgrade access to Metro stations through better signage, crosswalks, sidewalks, bike signals, bike parking and more streetscape amenities.

2. Evaluate and suggest upgrades to security systems for park-and-ride lots used by Metro patrons.

3. Evaluate options for reducing noise at Green Line stations in the median of the 105 freeway.

4. Expand a grant program run by Metro to help cities zone and plan for transit-oriented developments along several transit lines or projects, including the Blue Line, Green Line extension to LAX, the West Santa Ana Branch, the Westside Subway Extension, the Silver Line and Metrolink stations, to name a few.

During his Board Chair remarks earlier in the meeting, Mayor Villaraigosa said that the TOD piece was especially important.

“Historically we would build a transit project and then 10 years later start thinking about what to do around the stations,” Villaraigosa said. “We need to do it simultaneously.”

The motion also amends the Metro budget to provide $10 million to help fund the TOD grant program.

•(Item 41) The Board approved the findings of completed equity evaluations for service changes involving several bus lines.

•(Item 51) The Board approved a $4.95-million contract with Mark Thomas and Company to prepare a utility relocation study for the 710 Corridor Project that could potentially widen the freeway. As motorists know who take the 710, overhead utility wires run along the 710 and the Los Angeles River. 

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  1. Parking capacity at Norwalk Green Line station is a big problem as it relates to how Metro’s Protective Services practices predatory enforcement of curb parking in the West Parking Lot.

    Imagine how any of the Metro Board members would feel knowing they have an officers who excessively issue parking violations in Lot “B” for riders who park on the curbs (non red lined), but over in the main lot do not.

    Apparently, the officers who abuse the public’s trust by practicing this selective interpretation of the law, are engaged in a private money making scam to fund their own bonus pool?

    Instead of penalizing riders who utilize the Metro service, why not set aside the northwest section of Lot “B” to require paid admission (using the Tap card) as a more effective way to address the over crowding & to fund expansion of the the available parking spaces.

    The LA Times & local TV media, perhaps, would provide a greater incentive to the Metro Board to act on these aggregious acts against “protect & serve” the public since the internal complaints have met indifference.

  2. Hey Steve, In Item 41 regarding the Expo Line to simply to allow operation to Culver City Station (Testing) and no date has been set or was mentioned during the meetings today.

    • Hi Jordan;

      That item doesn’t involve actual testing or the opening date – it’s about equity studies that have to be done of various service changes (which runs the gamut from service cuts to service additions).


      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. While I agree with “Historically we would build a transit project and then 10 years later start thinking about what to do around the stations,” Villaraigosa said. “We need to do it simultaneously.”

    I take it a step further and say “start thinking about what to do INSIDE the stations.” Maximization of space issues include TODs within the stations, not just the surroundings.

    Besides, with the fare gates going to be locked, it’s pointless to go through them at the last minute if all the TODs are going to be outside of the paid-fare area. What do you want to do if nature starts calling in an emergency and the coin operated restrooms are all located outside of the fare gated area? Go out through the gate and pay again?