Metro CEO Art Leahy’s monthly report to the Board discusses Transitway accident, Beverly Hills trenching, Blue Line delays

During his monthly oral report to the Board of Directors, Metro CEO Art Leahy told the Board:

•In the wake of the accident on Wednesday in which a private vehicle struck a platform on the Harbor Transitway and injured six people, Leahy said that he would ask Metro staff for a safety review of the Transitway. The report, due back in 60 days, would look at the signage and layout of the Transitway, which Leahy also noted has operated safely since its opening in 1998.

•Leahy also said that the Beverly Hills Unified School District had asked Metro for $500,000 in exchange for receiving access to trenches dug on the grounds of the Beverly Hills High School campus. “We’re not going to do that,” Leahy said. Metro released geotechnical reports on earthquake faulting in the Beverly Hills, Century City and Westwood areas last fall as part of the planning for the Westside Subway Extension. The trenches are part of geotechnical work that the school district is doing on the Beverly Hills campus in response to Metro’s reports.

•As for the Blue Line delays this morning, Metro officials told the Board that a power outage occurred on the line early this morning just south of the Blue Line maintenance yards, thereby preventing trains from leaving the yard and being deployed on the line. Power was restored about 5:40 a.m. and some trains were able to get out of the yard, but delays continued throughout the morning commute — as many of you already know.


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  1. I think the main issue with the transitway is that its not a real transitway since its not exclusive to public transit. It is still prone to encroachment by private autos due to its HOV-3 status. Anything labeled as a “transitway” or “busway” really should live up to its name. Simple as that. But its the petty politics of car culture that get in the way of this possibility. People need to start seeing freeways as opportunities for true multimodal corridors with lanes dedicated to separate functions; one for transit buses, a few for cars with one or two HOV lanes, trucks, and when possible, rail in the median. My two cents.

  2. Lately the blue line has been running late a lot. All this maintenance work they do at night is such an inconvenience. I ride the blue line everyday from morning, afternoon and nights and its my way i get around and when its late i get to work and school or home late.

  3. Ha!!!! Finally the the truth is coming ……..It’s all about money…. BH school district is looking for money only money. I am wondering why the Beverly Hills Courier does not mention this.

  4. Half a million dollars for Metro’s team to just have access to the trenches? You’ve got to be kidding me. Metro isn’t asking them to do any more work… maybe a day wage to have a supervisor on site or something? Seems like maybe BHUSD wants to spend Metro’s own money to fight against them now instead of the BH taxpayers.

  5. Its about time something is going to be done about improving the Metro Silver Line’s Harbor Transitway stations. They need to add fences about the stations, noise sound barriers, better platforms, and UPDATE signage!