House transportation bill won’t eliminate transit funding from gas taxes

Not sure this registers as a surprise — the transportation spending bill offered by Rep. John Mica (R-Florida) in the House was pounded with criticism from many corners. Here’s the news from Metro’s government relations staff:

House GOP Reportedly Will Make Changes To Surface Transportation Bill – End Effort To Eliminate Mass Transit Account

As the House and Senate try to adopt a multi-year surface transportation bill in the coming months, a new twist developed today, when House GOP leaders reportedly decided to cut the length of their bill from five years to two years.

The new bill will also reportedly scraps plans in the original GOP transportation bill that would have ended the transfer of motor fuel taxes to the Federal Highway Trust Fund’s mass transit account. This language, had it been adopted into law, would have compromised the longstanding practice of using motor fuel taxes to pay for federal transit projects and programs.

Our agency has been working with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Public Transportation Association and other local, state and federal mobility stakeholders to oppose efforts by Congress to weaken the mass transit account. In the coming days the House GOP leadership will decide on the path forward with respect to when the newly modified bill will be considered by the full membership of the House of Representatives.