Blue Line delays anticipated to continue through afternoon commute due to major power outage; alternate routes are offered

Here is the latest update from Metro staff on Blue Line service issues today caused by a power outage early this morning.

Blue Line trains are running every 20 minutes. At this time, Metro does NOT anticipate to operate normal Blue Line service for the evening rush hour commute.

  • Beginning around 3 pm, Blue Line trains will run approximately every 10 minutes between 7th St/Metro Ctr & Imperial/Wilmington (Green Line transfer) and every 20 minutes between Imperial/Wilmington & Long Beach Transit Mall.
  • Extra Silver Line service will be added between downtown LA & Harbor Freeway Station as an alternate for downtown passengers heading back to Green Line.
  • There will be no freeway express upcharge on any Harbor Transitway services from downtown – the Silver Line, 450 and 460 lines.
  • Trains will share one track at Del Amo, Wardlow and Willow Stations. Please check destination signs before boarding.
  • If a delay verification is needed for employer or school, please contact Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 or fax 213.922.6988
  • Please see further information below for other alternate routes to other stations.
  • All information is subject to change due to dynamic nature of incident.
  • Metro apologizes for any inconvenience and is making every effort to restore normal service as soon as possible.

Due to a major power systems failure, Blue Line service is severely limited. Please anticipate up to 30 minutes of delay due to this disruption. After the jump are alternates for Blue Line passengers.

For the latest updates, please visit @metroLAalerts on Twitter.

I-110 Harbor Transitway (Silver Line, 450, 460) Information:

All freeway express upcharges will be waived today, Feb 23, to provide an alternate route for Blue Line passengers transferring to Green Line. For PM rush hour service, additional Silver Line service will run between Downtown LA & Harbor Fwy Green Line Station.

Vernon, Slauson, Florence, Firestone, 103rd St, and Imperial/Wilmington Stations
Consider taking northbound Line 55 or 355 on nearby Compton Ave.

All Park & Ride passengers
Consider driving to Artesia Transit Center (731 W 182nd Street,Gardena, CA 90248) and take Metro Silver Line or Line 450X toDowntown LA. Freeway express upcharges are waived today. Your Blue Line ticket or pass is valid. Otherwise, consider avoiding Metro today and drive to your intended destination.

Norwalk Green Line Station
Consider taking Line 460 Downtown LA Express from bus plaza. Or take Green Line to Harbor Fwy Station and transfer to northbound Silver Line or 450X. Freeway express upcharges are waived today. Your Blue Line ticket or pass is valid.

Long Beach Bl Green Line Station
Consider taking Rapid Line 760 to Downtown LA from street level.

Avalon Green Line Station
Consider taking Lines 51, 52 or 352 to Downtown LA.

Vermont Bl Green Line Station
Consider taking Rapid Line 754 from street level and transfer to Metro Red & Purple Lines at Wilshire/Vermont Station.

Crenshaw Green Line Station
Consider taking Line 757 Western Rapid from street level and transfer to Metro Purple Line at Wilshire/Western Station.

Hawthorne Green Line Station
Consider taking Line 442 Express or Rapid Line 740 to Downtown LA.

Aviation/LAX Green Line Station
Consider taking LADOT Commuter Express Line 438 to Downtown LA at corner of Imperial/Aviation. This route is operated by LADOT and their regular fares will apply.

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  1. Silver Line driver in the morning and afternoon commute were collecting express upcharge zone. Try to explain to driver that express upcharge fee was waived for the day do to Blue Line trouble, but was told to pay the express zone of .95 cents. Thanks again to upper mangement for informing Silver Line drivers that express upcharge was waived. Need to get better communcation with Metro driver.

  2. This is why express surcharges need to seriously be reconsidered, especially on the Silver Line. Having a colored “line” that runs as bad as hourly in the evening and on Sundays (on the Harbor side), a wacky $2.45 fare and 95 cent surcharge that slows down boarding as the driver calls back people who didn’t pay it, no signal priority, and no fare vending machines is a joke. The 720 is more deserving of a color than the 910. Drop the fare to base fare and install ticket vending machines – you can keep the Proof of Payment on rail though, the driver can just collect the little receipts on the bus and not have to worry about someone taking a minute to dig up 95 cents.

  3. I was wondering if the trains will be running on normal schedule tomorrow feb 23,2012

  4. The Blue Line is a mess. I’m glad I started taking the Silver Line instead of the Blue Line. For nearly a few more dollars per month, it is a noticeable world of difference. I have been affected by a Blue Line delay before, but thankfully arrived just one minute prior to the start of my class.

    Simply unacceptable, Los Angeles Metro.

  5. Just to make it clear will the freeway surcharge be waived at any Silver line, 450 and 460 stop either direction between the San Pedro area and downtown la.Id like to take the Silver line from Carson and only have my tap card and no cash. I usually take the blue line home

  6. Has this major power outage, in any way, impacted the pre-revenue testing of the Expo Line? Does Phase I of the Expo Line have its own rail yard/maintenance station?

  7. Major delays on the Blue Line early Thursday were caused by an equipment problem that trapped most of the light-rail cars in the rail yard, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.

    There was a problem with a fiberglass insulator that provides electricity to the overhead wires that power the trains at the Blue Line rail yard in northern Long Beach, said MTA spokeswoman Helen Ortiz Gilstrap.

    “The problem occurred next to the main station where all the trains are housed,” Ortiz Gilstrap said. “The location [of the power outage] was central to the disruption.”

    Crews were able to get a limited number of trains running on the Blue Line by mid-morning, but trains were running only every 20 minutes for the full length of the line between downtown L.A. and Long Beach, instead of every six or seven minutes as is normal during rush hour.

  8. “If a delay verification is needed for employer or school, please contact Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 or fax 213.922.6988” – I love it just like getting a note from your parents. How convenient ;(