Go Metro to live music: Foxy Shazam

With a long President’s Day weekend ahead for many of us, why not take advantage of the extra night by going Metro to live music? Consider taking Metro to the House of Blues – Sunset on Sunday night to see the reunion tour of British glam-rock band The Darkness (of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” fame). Not a huge fan of The Darkness? That’s okay, because the band you really need to see, Foxy Shazam, goes on just before them.

Though Foxy’s sound was amorphous and hard to categorize throughout their early years, it’s easier to pin them in the glam rock genre on their latest album “The Church of Rock and Roll” released in January. With a lead singer that sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury and who claims influences by Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Elton John and Iggy Pop, you’re bound for some interesting things. But the best reason to check out Foxy Shazam this Sunday night is simply that the band’s music is best experienced through their entertaining, and sometimes bizarre, live performances. You won’t get that with iTunes.


“Oh Lord” (2010) by Foxy Shazam

The show begins at 7 PM at the House of Blues – Sunset. The complete lineup is Crown Jewel Defense, Foxy Shazam and The Darkness.

Go Metro from East Valley/Downtown: Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station, walk south to NE corner of Highland/Sunset (5 minutes), transfer to Bus 2/302 toward Westwood/UCLA, exit at Sunset/Kings. [TO] [FROM]

Go Metro from Westwood/UCLA: At UCLA Ackerman Loop board bus 2/302 toward Downtown LA – Broadway – Venice, exit at Sunset/Kings. [TO] [FROM]

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  1. Awesome post. I am really enjoying the direction The Source is taking with incorporating novel and interesting events with public transit.