Regional Connector and Westside Subway Extension receive $81 million in President Obama’s proposed budget

Metro Projects in President’s FY13 Budget

Below is page 30 of the budget for the U.S. Department of Transportation that provides the details. The $81 million is very good news considering that both projects are still finishing up their final environmental study process, the necessary precursor to construction and signing federal funding agreements.

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  1. Beverly Hills “chilling out”? How unreasonable is that? Rightfully, the city of Beverly Hills should be required to pay for every inch of subway construction within their city. Then, presumably, it could choose any underground route it wanted. Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. It would be great for me because I live close to where the Gold Line is proposing in one area where the light rail would run to and I would like to apply for that job as a research analyst and environmental planner for that specific project and others alike.

  3. @Big Shorty
    Simple. Keep dragging the issue along and let taxes go to waste by spending millions more in research and wasteful meetings so that funds dry up. Either that or by the time it gets shovel ready, it’s now way over budget due to higher labor and material costs. Then it’s the same thing over again “you can’t even get your budget right, see I told you it’s a waste of taxes, looks like you have give it up, too bad, HA-HA. (And we also got what we wanted).”

    However, Japan does have bus stops named named after schools, like “XX High School bus stop.”

  4. Let’s just be logical about this. I believe residents of BH are pretty smart and must see how unreasonable as well as unrealistic this discussion of re-routing the proposed Purple line route is over one high school. Should we make a curve around it. Come on guys.

  5. Tokyo has as much earthquake activity as Los Angeles, and yet it would be hard to find a high school, junior high, elementary school or university which doesn’t have a subway running next to it or directly underneath campus.
    Some of the really lucky ones have subway entrances as close as possible to the front entrance.

    Of course, even Tokyo doesn’t have subway stations named Fongshan Junior High School, Sinyi Elementary School or Linyuan Junior High School. Those are all in Taiwan.

    Closer to home, San Diego State has an underground LRT station in the middle of campus.

    Beverly Hills needs to chill out.

  6. There is currently a subway under a newer school at Wilshire and Vermont. There is a subway running under the Pentagon, for heavens sake. What’s with this continual hysterics about BH High School? These BH folks don’t care that there is a mapped earthquake fault running along SM Blvd., thus making it unsafe to tunnel in a parallel manner. The science is there, but BH continues its paranoia with their team of PR hacks. Century City is an employment center serving tens of thousands of people all the way to Fox at Pico. Constellation is the only sensible location for a subway station. BHHS will survive.

  7. How about the Subway does go under Beverly Hills High school and everyone can carry on about their business. Beverly Hills has blocked and tried to kill this project for long enough. Lets look at the big picture.

    Planes fly in and out of LAX over schools in south Los Angeles EVERYDAY. Why?, Because their is a larger benefit. How does Beverly Hills feel about air traffic over schools in South Los Angeles? They probably do not care..

    Not to mention, in other countries, the idea of rerouting a subway because of a school is laughable. Lets also think about the other unaffected schools, businesses and institutions where subway may run under them? Beverly Hills (residents) need to get themself. Seriously. You are a city residing in Los Angeles County, and the greater demand for better transit outweighs YOUR wants….

  8. Glad to hear about subway funding, as long as you follow the original Santa Monica Blvd. route through Beverly Hlls. Remember, NO SUBWAY UNDER BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL!!!