Foothill Extension Construction Authority announces agreement with property owner

Here’s the news release from the Gold Line Extension Construction Authority, the agency building the continuation of the Gold Line to Azusa:

Construction Authority Announces Agreement With Property Owner

2 replies

  1. I am glad to see this progress be made, we need these projects to move forward quickly. I understand that these things take time, but the public doesn’t and any delay is perceived even worse than it usually is. Hopefully a announcement on the Monrovia issue will is in the works so the project can move forward full steam ahead (That saying should change since rail is electrified now lol)

  2. Best news of the month. Wasn’t this part of the property like 20% of what was needed to get over the % required to get funding and proceed? (I may not be saying that right) What about the other part of the property that City of Monrovia has still ?