Metro comments on Beverly Hills’ report on tunneling safety for Westside Subway Extension

The city of Beverly Hills has released a report by their consultants Exponent on subway tunneling under the Beverly Hills High School campus for the Westside Subway Extension. The report will be discussed at a meeting of the Beverly Hills City Council this afternoon; the Council meeting can be viewed on some computers by clicking here.

The following is a letter from Metro CEO Art Leahy to Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Brucker concerning the Exponent report:

Letter to Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Brucker

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  1. build the subway very clost to the surface across the fault lines what we call a clost to surface cut and cover or eleivate it in a surround circular tube over the faults people have to get over the fickles about eye sore’s about and inclosed aireal stuctuct and a enclosed structure means no rail grinding noise !!!!

  2. I agree with Robb start planning a rout around Beverly Hills even though it could be more costly. I hope this purple line extension doesn’t get annulled

  3. I believe eminent domain should take place and the subway should just be built. If its gonna be underground then why are these people complaining if they wont even notice that theres a subway. I sometimes take the 720 and it takes forever to get thru because of traffic. Untill this subway is build we will have to keep riding the long 2 hour bus ride to santa monica.

  4. Seriously, this is what Metro needs to do:

    Begin an OFFICIAL exploration of a route option that takes the Purple Line southwest after San Vicente, then west on Olympic. Possible stations west of Fairfax could be Wilshire/San Vicente, Olympic/Robertson, and Olympic/Beverly. Then veer northwest to Century City, have a Constellation station, and continue the routing as planned.

    Once businesses and office building owners in downtown Beverly Hills find out that they’re studying bypassing their neighborhood, I’m sure there would be a lot of pressure on the school district to shut their traps and let the tunneling commence.

  5. I just finished listening to the entire BH Study session and am amazed that their experts and City Council question the existence of any fault lines both on Santa Monica Blvd and under Beverly Hills High School. Also that their trenching is a better science than borings etc used by Metro. That they are suggesting digging a trench across Santa Monica blvd to determine the existence of a fault line there. This makes me wonder how deep that trench would need to be as any disturbance such as the renewal of SMBTP ending in 2004-6 disturbed the soil to varying depths. Also, would this non-existence of a fault line along SMB cause the City of LA to remove the distance to fault line for homes near Santa Monica blvd for homeowners and businesses? If I recall correctly the existence of the SMB fault line was discovered following the earthquake in the 1990’s

  6. How can this be 100% true?
    “I can assure you that MTA will not select an unsafe alternative for the Subway”

    What do you mean unsafe? Certainly on any big project like this there is always going to be risk involved.