Art for the Orange Line: A glimpse of Stoney Point Park by Lisa Adams

The artwork honors the area’s rich history of horse-keeping. This galloping horse imagery was recently translated by Perdomo, the artwork fabricator, into a 27-foot long elliptical glass mosaic artwork.

Lisa Adams’ artwork for Chatsworth Station monumentalizes the Northwest San Fernando Valley’s landscape and equestrian lifestyle in the forms of native flowers and galloping horses. The imagery was recently fabricated by teams of artisans who translated Lisa’s original artworks into the durable materials of porcelain enamel steel and glass mosaic.

(Here’s a link to more information about Lisa’s work for Chatsworth Station.)

There are more images of the artwork after the jump.

Digital rendering of Chatsworth Station, featuring a 27 foot long mosaic ellipse embedded in the concrete platform and a 20 foot long porcelain enamel art panel situated above the seating area.

The just-completed art panel at KVO Industries, the artwork fabricator.

Lisa’s original painting for the art panel design, A Glimpse of Stoney Point Park. The artwork features an image of the region’s well known Stoney Point landmark and native flowers, which appear larger than life against a backdrop of mountains.

Detail of the mosaic ellipse, showing the many different color gradations that come together to create the horse’s mane.

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  1. Perfect. I moved to Northridge in 1971, and Chatsworth was the hangout for us local cowgirls. Thank you for bringing this to the station, along with the native flowers, and thank you for keeping it “country”.