Metro Board meeting roundup

Here are some other actions taken by the Metro Board of Directors at their meeting on Thursday:

•(Item 5) The Board approved a motion by Councilman Jose Huizar seeking construction bids that would include building a second portal — at 2nd and Spring — to the 2nd/Broadway station for the Regional Connector. This doesn’t guarantee that the portal will be built, nor does it add to the project’s budget.

•(Item 14) The Board approved a $3.9-million contract with Consensus to provide public outreach services for the environmental studies for the project that seeks to improve traffic in the area around the 710 gap.

(Item 15) The Board approved signing an MOU with the California High-Speed Rail Authority that spells out Metro’s role in planning for the bullet train. The MOU includes the statement that Metro wants to see $950 million of the state bonds for high-speed rail be used to help improve local transit in California that will connect to the high-speed rail line. This includes the Regional Connector.

•(Item 55) The Board approved the purchase of 50 additional 45-foot compressed natural gas-powered buses for $15.8 million as part of the 2013 capital program.

•(Item 56) The Board approved moving ahead to refine proposals to improve Silver Line infrastructure, including signage, landscaping and possible special service to large events.


6 replies

  1. How about talks of running a few later trains on the red and green line. If the blue runs past 1am, shouldn’t the connectors be open too?

  2. You know, why do we have all these meetings, yet we never hear anything about fixing TAP? It seems like “oh we got the cash purse function up and running, that’s it we’re done.”

    There’s still a lot of things wrong with TAP like the expiration date issue and the very confusing website. Why has there been no fix to this yet? Is it so hard to update a website? Seriously, this is the prime example of why government is so slow and inefficient at getting anything done.

  3. High Speed Rail monies, per law, cannot be used for anything other than HSR. So, what do connectors have to do w/HSR, legally?