Expo Line pre-revenue service to begin Monday

At today’s Metro Board meeting, agency CEO Art Leahy announced that pre-revenue testing for the Expo Line will begin this coming Monday.

The testing is intended to simulate actual service with trains running on a regular schedule, but with no customers on board. Trains will be operating between the Expo Line terminus at 7th/Metro Center and the La Cienega/Jefferson station while work continues on the final station in Culver City.

Although train testing has been ongoing since last spring, there will be a greater frequency of trains running on the Expo tracks at many hours of the day. It is important for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to remain vigilant around Expo Line tracks and obey all warning signs and traffic signals. Safety is everybody’s job, people.

No opening date for the Expo Line has been announced. I know many of you are eager for the line to open — so are we — and we’ll let you know as soon as there is something to report.


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    • Hi Curt;

      No opening date has been announced yet. We’ll let everyone know as soon as a date is set. Testing is ongoing.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  1. The Gold Line Eastside Extension had exactly 6 weeks between the start of pre-revenue service (Oct 4, 2009) and its grand opening (Nov 15, 2009)… just for comparison.

  2. I’m glad to hear some good news about the opening of the Expo Line it was about time. So the train will start from La Cienega/Jefferson Station right?

    I hope Metro Bus Routes like Lines 38, 217, 105 and 705 will stop at La Cienega/Jefferson Station but what about the route changes like 30, 330, 217, 550, 102, 176, 68 and other routes?

    Line 42 suposed to renumbered as Line 102 from Huntington Park to LAX City Bus Center along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to Stocker St/La Tijera Blvd to Sepulveda Blvd in Westchester.

    Line 287 also suposed to renumbered as Line 176 extend from Highland Park to The Shops at Montebello.

    Line 30 and Line 330 suposed to extend from Indiana Gold Line Station in East LA to West Hollywood.

    Line 102 suposed to discontinued west of Western Ave and will go from Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to LAX City Bus Center.

    Line 730 suposed to discontinued the route and renumbered as Line 330

    Line 42 also suposed to discontinued the route and renumbered as Line 102

    Line 217 suposed to extend from Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station to Culver City Transit Center and discontinued Line 439.

    Line 217 suposed to have a stop on La Cienega/Jefferson Station and the terminal

    Line 439 suposed to discountinued the route and renumbered as 217 from Hollywood to Culver City Transit Center.

    About the Route Changes and Schedule Changes when are they go to open Metro Expo Line Station is it in February or March of this year do you know?

    How many routed are going to Venice/Robertson Culver City Stations do you know?

    I think Lines 37, 38, 107, 220, 534, 780, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Lines 5, 12 and Rapid and Culver City Bus Lines 2, 4 and 7 are going to extend to Venice/Robertson Culver City Station I hope these buses will serve to Venice/Robertson Culver City Station

    The should discontinued 358 and renumbered as Line 107.

    Line 107 will serve Slauson Ave along with Line 108 but Line 107 will go from Pico Rivera to Venice/Robertson Culver City Station

    Line 105 suposed to extend from West Hollywood to Cudahy on Atlantic Blvd and Cecilia St.

    Line 105 will also suposed to have a Shortline end to La Cienega/Jefferson Station every 10 minutes.

    The New Line 22 will go from Santa Monica to Downtown LA Union Station along Wilshire Blvd to Alvarado St to Sunset Blvd in Echo Park to Cesar E. Chavez to Vinges St in Downtown LA Union Station. because Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Line 2 comes every 20 minutes Monday-Friday and Saturdays and Sundays come every 30 minutes and it never comes on time. I hope they could start the new Line 22 sometime in the summer along Wilshire Blvd.

    Maybe they should extend Line 439 from Downtown LA/Union Station to UCLA Transit Center in Westwood, CA along Santa Monica Freeway exit Overland Ave to Pico Blvd to Westwood Blvd and ends at UCLA Transit Center

    Line 363 suposed to renumber as Line 162 along with Line 163 on Sherman Way.

    I hope Expo Line opens in February or March of this year so please tell us the date. Thank You and I hope to hear it from you soon.

    But I’m glad to hear some good news keep it

  3. Can’t wait for it to open! it will make my life much easier and will get to work quicker. Been waiting a long time for this line to open. Hope it will be soon.

  4. Uplifting to hear good news about the project, keep it coming!

    @Steve White: From the La Cienega Station area you can take a Culver City Bus Line 1 or 4 into Culver City and Venice.

  5. The MTA really needs to open the Expo line, this is concerning that MTA has been waiting so long. Metrorail is a great system, O P E N E X P O L I N E now!

  6. This is the best news we’ve read about the Expo line in a while. Does this mean the software problem with the switching mechanism with the Blue Line is resolved?

  7. I’m looking at and circling March 1st and telling the world Steve Hymon said it was so! :o) I can’t wait for this line to open.

    • Tell ’em all you want. And when they come to the website they’ll see my reply: I don’t know when the line is going to open. Testing continues and the decision will be based — huge shock here — on how the testing goes.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  8. There should be some sort of continuation bus service to take people from La Cienega into Culver City before the final station opens. Ending at La Cienega is sort of out in the middle of a street grid without a city destination.

    Does anyone know of a good connecting bus to get into Downtown Culver City?

  9. Look to first week of march if no issues come up that would be 5 weeks of pre-revenue and the requirement is 4 weeks

    • Don’t look to anything or circle any dates on the calendar. No opening date has been set yet. We’ll see how the testing goes.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  10. I think chances are good that it will be open by the 2012 college football season. That way I might be able to take in a few Trojan games. But you never know.

  11. Glad to finally hear that announcement. Now, we just need the “grand opening” announcement for either La Cienega or for Culver City.
    Hey, at least Expo Line to Anime Expo in July should be possible, right?

  12. Wonderful news! I may get to ride it to my final exam at USC. Emphasis on “may.”

  13. drat! My bus goes right by the la cienega/jefferson station everyday. Oh how I would love to be able to train to that station from DTLA rather than bus it in.

  14. Too bad it didn’t open in time for this weekend’s Chinese Lunar New Years festival.

  15. What work remains to be done on the Culver City station? Hard to tell since we can’t see the platforms from the street.

  16. Looking historically at our other lines, how long is the duration of time between these tests and the opening of the line for everyone to use. give us a glimmer of something to drool over

    • Hi Leonard;

      Sorry, but I can’t even speculate as to the opening. Testing is just that — testing — meaning there could be wrinkles that have to be ironed out. And the state PUC, the agency that regulates light rail, still must OK the line opening. So we’ll see. This is definitely a step in the right direction!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  17. Great news, although I can’t wait to actually ride the darn thing. Does anyone know if the Culver City station is still on track to open this year, or will it be just to La Cienega for a while?