Filmmakers tackle California’s high-speed rail project

This excellent segment titled “Train Wars” on the proposed high-speed rail project in California was produced by filmmakers Roger Rudick and Luke Mines and recently aired on KQED in Northern California. It’s seven minutes long and I encourage you to watch — the segment takes a look at some of the issues in play in San Francisco and the San Joaquin Valley.

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  1. How would the noise of high speed rail compare with the noise of Highway 99 and other highways?

    These dairies are worried about cows not producing milk — are they the same dairies which pour milk down the drain when milk prices go down to prevent flooding the market with cheap milk? Is this the same milk that dairy owners say the cows can’t stop producing? Are they crying alligator tears over spilled milk?

  2. This was a well-made, informative video, Steve. Thanks for sharing it.

    The tone of the debate about the high-speed rail recently has got me thinking about another enormous infrastructure engineering project that’s being discussed at the highest levels of government — the Keystone XL pipeline, that would cut across the middle of the country from Canada to the Gulf. I think there are some interesting parallels to be drawn — old vs. new transportation, private vs. public investment, support (and lack thereof) across various parts of the political landscape, two supremely different visions of the future — that paint a very revealing picture of our national priorities.

    I’d like to hear more about those poor family farmers in Nebraska that would have a huge oil pipeline built across their properties, and more about the thousands of jobs that alternative transportation could bring to California.