Transportation headlines, Thursday, Jan. 19

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

High-speed rail helps students, state (USC Daily Trojan)

The Daily Trojan at USC is the latest voice to offer an opinion on high-speed rail. They’re for it and, one could argue, have the most to gain since they actually may be alive to reap the benefits if it is built or suffer the consequences if it is not. Convenience and environmental concerns seem to be their chief reasons. The money issue is not really addressed but, as the folks who will pay a huge chunk of the bill, shouldn’t their opinion be considered?

Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of State speech puts focus on big projects (Los Angeles Times)

Trojan support was joined by Gov. Jerry Brown who, in yesterday’s State of the State speech, pushed bullet-train funding despite budget cuts. The governor likened critics of the bullet train to those who derided many earlier public projects: the Central Valley Water Project, the interstate highway network, even the Panama Canal.

Few cities have regained jobs lost, report finds (New York Times)

In contrast to Gov. Brown’s semi cheery message about California’s future, a study commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Mayors says only 26 of the nation’s 363 metropolitan areas had recovered their lost jobs by the end of 2011, and only 26 more are projected to recover them by end of this year. So being realistic for a second, we need to do as L.A. Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa challenged in a letter to the Conference of Mayors, of which he is president, and continue to apply pressure on  Congress to keep projects moving forward for the good of the country, if not the good of their political careers.

Five films about Los Angeles bike culture (Funwunce via Vimeo)

Who would have thought? Tomorrow and Saturday at midnight there will be a screening of short films on L.A.’s growing bike culture. So if you’re awake, head over to the Vista Theatre in Los Feliz, 4473 Sunset Blvd. It could be interesting and it’s only $5.


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