Reminder: take our poll on Metro service over the holidays!


So far voting hasn’t exactly exploded — although we have more voters than those who voted for Herman Cain in the Iowa caucus!

Please take the time to vote and leave a comment if you would like. It’s a good way to provide feedback to the agency about the all-night rail and Orange Line service that Metro ran over the New Year’s weekend — as well as other Metro service over the holidays.

3 replies

  1. I think it was great! Looked like a lot of people used it! I used the Red Line from Universal to Pershing square…I was concerned about safety and timing issues as well, but it all worked out! I only wish the regular buses were running every 20 minutes on NYE too. I was happy to use the train this year and last year as well! Keep on offering this 24 hour service for ALL Holidays! It would be good for Friday and Saturday nights as well 🙂

  2. I only used the metro gold line on new years eve and was very pleased. I always love taking the metro rail when I can and I loved the extended hours….I wish it ran that late every night since I take it all the way from pasadena to union. I can’t wait for the azusa station to open so I won’t have to drive at all! Pleae hurry!

  3. i didn’t bother to take the bus anywhere on new year’s day since it was god awful on new years eve. buses coming every 20-25 minutes?! i called. they RUDELY said the buses were running 10-15. they’ve been running horribly since. people shouldn’t wait more than 15 minutes for a bus let alone 20, 30, or an hour!! lived in other major cities and this is by far the worst system. i’ve had conversations with other people who’ve lived in other cities that live here now about it too. it’s getting worse and worse every year; yet costs us more and more money.