How was Metro’s service over the holidays? Take our poll!

The Gold Line saw heavy crowds, as usual, for the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl game. Photo by Fernando Andres Di Zitti/Metro


Over the past two weeks, Metro provided free service on its buses and trains on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. In addition, the agency also ran all night Metro Rail and Orange Line service on both New Year’s Eve and Sunday night and bulked up rail service for the Tournament of Roses parade and the Rose Bowl game.

So, what did you think? Did Metro help you get around better? Were our buses and trains a useful alternative to driving?

Please take the above poll and leave a comment if you have any specific compliments or criticisms. I’m sure we’ll also see some tweets to this effect later today in our weekly Twitter Tuesday post.

Here’s a short video showing the post-parade and pre-game crowds at the Gold Line’s Memorial Park station in Old Town Pasadena.

8 replies

  1. The direction this weekend during the rose bowl, and the service provided on the New Years weekend in general was awesome. I traveled with 4 friends to the Rose Bowl who had not used the Metro Transit, and the ease and simplicity of use and the lack of crowd issues made the whole trip a blast.

    Great job!

  2. My only complaint was that people were not so sure that it was available all night. I felt that there could have been some literature at each station to say that the fares were free at certain times, service was 24 hours, and approximate lapses between trains and buses. I was on the Chinatown platform at 2:30 and alot of people were not sure if the train was going to come.

  3. The Gold Line on New Year’s Day could have been better. Props to Metro for running three double sets of cars on all trains but, unless all the GL train sets were being used, the 9-10 minute intervals after the parade was too long.

  4. The service on all the lines was excellent, but I hope that metro one day decides to keep the 24hr service. Even if just on light rails and “metro liners”. Keep up the good work.

  5. It was decent service , now if Metro Rail service would be 24 Hours Every Day , we can finally get people to take public transportation

  6. Yet another perfect example of why Light Rail stations need to have more than one exit (for each direction) when physically possible.