Video: live music on the subway

This video from the KCET Departures blog has been making the rounds this week. It’s a flashmob singing Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” on the subway here in Los Angeles on a recent day. Very well done, people!

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  1. In London, they issue permits for 1-2 musicians to perform in the major subway stations. It really brightens up the day for the thousands of passengers that ride the tube and at the same time, it gives musicians and artists a way to perform and make some money legally.

  2. Of late, someone plays an accordion on the Red Line. Then his partner comes along with a cup for coins. Sometimes, another person sells candy or incense on the Red Line. They are annoying and no one stops them. Please stop them and the other vagrants. Thank you.

  3. I agree with David. Metro, please actively discourage on-train activity like music or vending. I’d hate to see to see LA’s trains turn into something like Mexico City’s subway trains with all their buskers and vendors.

  4. This happens all the time in NYC. True, the NY MTA does give out permits allowing musicians to legally perform music inside the subway system, but only after auditioning for the handful of slots available. [Go to for more info.] Those without a permit to perform either play their music at a subway station anyway (without a permit), or take their talents inside the trains.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings about those who play music inside transit systems. I guess for me, it depends on the music and the talent level of the musician and/or singer. They can get annoying sometimes, but I do give musicians money whenever possible. At least they are offering a legitimate skill that not everyone posseses. Better to give $ to someone trying to be somebody than to give cash to someone not knowing if that person will use it to support a criminal activity (e.g., a drug and/or alcohol habit).